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Soudal T-Rex Power is a high quality, single component MS polymer based adhesive sealant with a high initial tack.

Characteristics:High performance mechanical properties Combines high stiffness with very high bond strength-High green strength, quick build-up of end strength, high sheer strength after full cure Does not contain isocyanates, silicone, solvent Flexible elastic rubber – movement accommodation up to 20%-No bubble formation within sealant (in high temperature and humidity plications)-Very easy to tool and finish -Colour stability and UV resistance -Can be painted wet-on-wet in paint trains with  most industrial paints -Withstands all climatic conditions Minimal health and safety considerations

Applications:Structural elastic bonding in the building and metal working industryStructural bonding applications in the automotive industry  Cars,coaches,caravans, marine, trains) Elastic bonding of panels, profiles and other pieces on the most common substrates

Bonding:  Soudal T-Rex Power has an excellent adhesion on almost all substrates. Soudal T-Rex Power has been tested on the following metal surfaces: steel AlMgSi1, brass, electrolytic galvanised steel,  AlCuMg1, flame galvanised steel, AlMg3 and steel ST1403. Plastics that were tested include: polystyrene, polycarbonate (Makrolon®), PVC, polyamide, glass fibre reinforced epoxy and polyester (GRP).

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