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Tile Grout Calculator:

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to ensure the perfect grout installation


MAPEI technical representatives are always willing to answer questions about:

“What is the Perfect Grout Installation Method”

To assist everyone we have produced a flyer outlining the SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS to ensure the perfect finish to your tile or stone installation.

1.     Ensure the adhesive is completely set
2.     Ensure the joints are clean, dust free and emptied to 2/3 of the thickness of the tile
3.     Measure the correct volume of water
4.     Mix with a low-speed mixer
5.     Let the mix stand for 2-3 minutres then briefly re-stir
6.     Use the mix within 20-25 minutes of preparation
7.     Clean with a damp sponge rinsed frequently using clean water

Concrete Calculators

Concrete mix 1M3 equal 108 bags 20kgs (16 bags cement+2/3 ton sand+1 1/4 Blue metal)

Cement Render Calculator

One Mixer is made off: 15 shovel sand + 1 bag cement +1 Shovel builders clay+ 1 spoon Bycol
This mix will do 10m2
One ton Sydney sand, 12 cement 3 builders clay and Bycol will make 50 to 60 M2 render

General Notes

(approximate calculations)

1 m3 sand 1.3 Ton
1 m3 Metal 1.4 Ton
1 m3 River sand 1.5 Ton

Screed Calculator floor tiling

12 cement + 1 Ton Sydney Sand

Silicone Calculator


Calculator for Bricks

One square metre equal at 50 bricks (Approximate)

Calculator for Mortar Mix for Brick Work

This is the “old school” method, the standard for the industry that all other methods are compared to. In order to make a Type S masonry mortar one would proportion the materials into the mixer in this manner;

1 bag Portland Cement
½ bag Hydrated Lime
28 “Shovels” Masonry Sand
27-30 litres Clean Water

Or 5 parts sand one part cement, and plasticizer (eg bycol, or liquid detergent) (walls lower than 1,5 mts)

How many blocks or bricks do you need?